10 Americanized Foods Named After Foreign Cities

10 Americanized Foods Named After Foreign Cities

Origins of 10 foods you never knew about.

Top 10 Americanized Foods Named After Foreign Cities

Each of these foods were first invented in the United States, but named after foreign cities to give them an exotic flair.


10. Vienna Sausage

In the U.S. this has come to meant sausage that is smoked and canned instead of the delicious sausages of European countries. Sausage *fresh* out of the can.


9. Bologna

Contrary to popular belief Bologna is not an Italian invention, but an American. Some believe it is based on the Italian mortadella. Baloney  sandwiches are comfort food for some, and for others are a childhood nightmare.


8.  Chicken Paris

Chicken rolled in puff pastry with creamy/salty feta cheese. This is almost like Beef Wellington for chicken

       7. London Broil

No one knows where this dish/cut of meat receives its name, it certainly isn’t an English dish. It often responds well to high dry heat, but because of the way it is cut, can be a tough meat if not sliced right.

       6. Neopolitan Ice Cream

This dish (named after Naples, Italy) is three ice cream flavors side by side. Most often it is chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Any three flavors will do, but chocolate strawberry and vanilla are almost exclusive in supermarkets today.

5. Chicken Kiev

A delicious dish made with butter and paprika in the center.  Created by a French chef in New York City. There are many variations of the dish including Chicken Cordon Bleu.

4. Hamburger

Always a classic, named from a shredded meat dish that was purportedly thought to have originated there. There have been fistfights about origins of the hamburger, but it is undoubtedly American.

                3. Chicken Florentine

Chicken Florentine with white sauce and spinach, may be an Italian favorite, but this recipe is pure Americana. Almost any dish can become Florentine, just add a little spinach and a cream sauce.

       2. Peking Duck

This crispy duck is one of the most popular recipes in the U.S. today. Most Chinese restaurants of years gone by had some form of this juicy and crispy duck.

1. Frankfurter

        The most classic, hot dog.

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Helle Hermyan, posted this comment on Nov 13th, 2009

Well done!

There is a small – really small – mistake: it should be “NeApolitan”, but it’s like the old “mouches” that the beauties of yesteryear used to further enhance their appeal… :-)

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